business problem

"I HAVE A GREAT IDEA ...but, I'm not sure where to start."

"I need new customers."

"Are my customers "delighted?"

"My growth is out of control."

"Is my product line where it needs to be?"

"I'm just not competing well."

"I just need some help."

practice areas

research and analysis

marketing management


product management

product development

project management


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"My growth is out of control"

Sales are great!

I can't keep up with demand. Customers are waiting too long for delivery. Complaints are increasing. Loyal customers are leaving for other alternatives.


  1. Quick current state analysis.
  2. Triage and prioritization.
  3. Create or adapt business, financial, operating, marketing and product plans as required.
  4. Select highest impact initiatives focused on highest priorities.
  5. Implement and project manage.
  6. Track, measure and adapt.


Research and analysis, business plans, marketing plans, product plans, operating plans, financial plans, customer relationship managment, project management,...and "rolled up sleeves."